Samrddhi is the course designed for college students. Samrddhi means success.  Success is the most important mantra for college students, especially when they enter into corporate life. We help individuals to know their true potential, that will help them to lead their lives and motivate others. We provide a wide range of training programs that help students to master in their life.

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Empower Interview Skills

The objective of this program is to prepare students to give a successful interview and help them to get their dream job.empower interview skill

Program Content

• Resume Writing
• Cover Letter
• Self Analysis

Job hunt

• Posting resume on job portals
• Job search and revising Job profile/ description
• Job application and calls

 Interview Technique

• Prepare! Prepare! – Pre-interview
• Deal with interview questions
• Body Language

Get set go!

• Point to remember post interview
• Mock Interview

Art of Communication


Program Content

1) Techniques to communicate effectively

 • SPC- Thumb Rule
 • Understand the audience
 • Rapport Building

2) Develop Listening Skills

 • Empty your mind
 • Active or Passive Listening
 • Reflective Listening
 • Read between the lines

3) Developing Questioning Skills

 • Asking right
 • Paraphrasing
 • Summarizing

4) I am Audible

 • Volume and tone
 • Pitch and accent
 • Paralinguistic’s

5) Alarm, its non verbal

 • Body language
 • Eye contact
 • Individual’s Zone

6) Giving Feedback



Accent Neutralization



 To make students proficient in language skills.
 To help them stand in crowd with confidence
 To communicate effectively and fluently




Program Content

1) Pronunciation

 • Vowels and Consonants Sounds
 • MTI

2) Fundamentals of speech

 • Volume and tone
 • Pitch
 • Inflection
 • Pausing
 • Clarity and Enunciation

3) Let’s Practice

 • Reading Exercise
 • Presentations
 • Communicating Activities

4) Measuring the Scale

 • Pre- training Assessment
 • Feedback and Evaluations
 • Post training Assessments


Business EtiquetteAAA

As a young graduate every student needs to understand the corporate code of conduct before entering into corporate world. There is a vast difference between college and work life. This program will help them to prepare themselves for the corporate world, which would help them to step up their career ladder.

Program Content

 1. Create First Impression  
 2. Introduction and Dressing Style
 3. Business Ethics
 4. Mail and Telephone Etiquette
 5. Meeting Etiquette
 6. Multi- culture Challenges


Team Work

Team Concept

Team work is essential part in any field, whether be it a sports or corporate or etc. One has to be a team player and understand the importance of team work.

Program Content

Teamwork Insights

 • How to be right without making people wrong
 • How to get people to listen to you
 • How to get people to agree with you

Team player

• Accountability
• Negative thinking
• Improve Team performance
• What makes good team player

Communication with-in a team

 • Creating the foundation of Communication
 • Listening like a Leader
 • Communication Style
 • Misinformation and prejudices between team members


Right AttitudeGroupWorkQQ

As it is rightly said by Robert Schuller the author and motivational speaker “Success is never ending and failure is never final”.

Program Content

• Your Attitude is Your Window to the World
• Power of Mind
• Positive Thinking
• Associate With Positive People
• Change your life through changing your attitude


• Stress Management
• Anger Management
• Art of Continuous Improvement
• Leadership Skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Self management and Motivation
• Win Confidence of Others
• Convincing Skills
• Believe it or not! It’s Negotiation Skills
• Gateway to Happiness
• Overcome Depression
• Public Speaking
• Presentation Skills
• Building Professional Image
• Dream Big and Achieve it
• Motivational Skills
• Taking Criticism
• Critical Thinking
• Creative Thinking
• Problem Solving

Training Methodology:

 • Power point Presentation
 • Movie clips
 • Games and Role plays
 • Individual Feedback

Training will be held in college premises

Materials Requirements:

  • LCD Projector
  • Microphone and Audio system