“The training was effective and inspiring. The trainer possesses flawless communication and subtle humor skills which makes the class enjoyable. The course content was quite appropriate and well presented. The optimum pace kept the class interesting and the trainer was able to deliver a lot of information in a short time. I’d like to convey my best wishes to the trainer for all her future endeavours.”

Gajendra R Jagtap Fire & Safety Trainer, Reliance Thermal Power 


“This program significantly exceeded my expectations for both content and quality. The format, content and organization of the program provided a PERFECT MATCH for my needs as a Good Manager and Decision Maker. I was very impressed with the selection of the slides. The presentations were interesting, well paced and, for the most part high energy. I found the presenter’s and presentations competent and engaging and kept my interest throughout. The materials were presented at a level that was easy to follow.” Thank you for organizing the training course for us. I personally found this event a splendid and absolutely useful occasion to learn a lot about decommissioning. Moreover, it was really beneficial to making new ideas with people who has similar problems and thoughts. This training course was the best event among those I participated in the past, “I found the pictures and videos and stories to be very interesting. There was a lot of information in each topic there was almost too much information sometimes all in a great course. “So again: thank you for organizing it!”

VIGNESH KUMAR. A -Regional Manager, Muthoot Fincorp Ltd


“I want to express my genuine gratitude for all the hard work you have done during the training session at Chennai and Coimbatore. You have given a new dimension to teaching with your unique and innovative ways. Your way of making the difficult concepts easy is simply outstanding. I really appreciate the way you encourage us to put our best efforts in understanding the session. In fact I developed my public speaking skills and interpersonal skills too. Once again I would like to extend my warm thanks to you for all the superb work you have done and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.”

GOMETHAGAVELU R-Area Manager Muthoot Micro Finance

You are excellent in your work. Have attended training conducted by you at our training Center in Dahanu. You have excellent knowledge of the subject. Your communication skills are very good so the training sessions are very interactive.
In short in Marathi we say,
मुर्ती लहान पण किर्ती महान..

Rajesh Sawant- General Manager (Mechanical), DTPS- Dahanu

On the first day when we were asked to introduce ourselves, we guessed it would be the usual kind of introduction. But then our trainer asked us to add an adjective to our name, describing best what kind of person we are. This made us really think because we had to come up with something that would describe us. It was a fun activity and we learnt some new things about our classmates as well as ourselves.

We talked about many things, primarily Customer Relationship and how it is so important today. We discussed about how a customer relationship executive must be like, what would make them better, how to tackle our first clients, how to get the audience’s attention, what is our USP. We even enacted a few scenes representing some situations where the CR has to come up with something that would be noticed by others and effective as well.

These past two days of workshop have been really good. We do so many activities that make us really work. We are learning new things about ourselves too. Like today we had to relate ourselves to something that would best describe us. That makes us really think about what we are and what we think about our self.

We also talked about communication and how much importance it holds. We discussed about the rules of learning, and how listening holds the main position there.We are learning about etiquette and the way we should behave, not only in the workplace but also any other place we may go.

Today we did a creative activity where we had to dress up a model (our team member) using only newspaper. No pins or tape. It was a difficult task as we couldn’t hold the paper together as it would tear up every time we tried. But somehow we managed to dress up our models, with a theme behind it.

It was a fun activity, and we learned how to make do with the resources available to us and show our creativity with it too. It was a day filled with a lot of team work and interaction.

-Blessie C 

Sapna Mam, you were the best trainer we had ever before, you were friendly with us which helped us to share our problems easily with you and because of you my confidence level have increased. Thank you 🙂

-Sana Shaikh 

The training given by Sapna Mam was great. I have learnt a lot from her. She taught us how to be in confident, about public speech, and how to present oneself for any interview.

It was fun being in her lecture. I was able to gain lots of knowledge with fun.
Thank you, Sapna Mam.

-Alefiya V 

I would like to thank you for all your support throughout the training program. I myself noticed a big change in my personality and also enhanced it. All because of you Mam!!!
Not only as training point of view but also, by boosting me with confidence.
You will be happy to know that after coming from training under you, I participated in many events with many achievements at International level and also arranged an event at my college.

Very lucky to have you Mam!!!
Love You,
-Soni R 

Very excellent training and was so helpful. Good experience, helped in understanding actually what is business communication, etc. I’m so thankful for this wonderful training given by Sapna Vasudevan.

-Akshay Nambiar 

It was very knowledgeable and great full training.
I learnt a lot from this training. I loved it. Thank you so much.

-Nidhi R 

Great learnings at your workshop. – Adarsh Vyas 

Very fantastic trainer. Training was useful for our future. – Vinay Mahajan